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Do you need to transport with extreme urgency in Europe and can’t make any mistakes? rely on…

Logistics4you -
the experts of express & dedicated deliveries.

Defined as Transport Ambulance for Businesses we:

And if we’re even 1 minute late, the shipment is for free!

ship with logistics4you

Entrusting an urgent shipment
to europe to us means:

Dedicated Vehicles

We pick up the load within 3h with a vehicle dedicated exclusively to your cargo, chosen according to your specific transport needs (also in ADR)

Transport 24/7

We travel 24h a day, 7 days a week, even on Sundays, public holidays and when traffic is blocked, even when heavy vehicles do not travel

Direct Delivery

We only and exclusively transport your load and travel directly to your destination, without third-party handing or intermediate stops

Even in the city center

We also reach difficult areas where trucks cannot unload, such as city centers or restricted traffic areas.

on-time guarantee

We always deliver on time: in 99% of routes, delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours of loading the load.

assistance 24/7

A trustworthy and reliable team, always available for you. Tracking code, assistance 24/7.



Guarantee "ZERO DELAYS"

Each transport with Logistics4You is covered by the guarantee “ZERO DELAYS”: if the delivery arrives at the destination even with 1 minute delay, it is FREE!

That’s right, you read correctly: it is enough even a minute late than the time of, to receive a full refund of what you paid us.

There is no trick, if we put a timetable on paper and break our promise, it is right that you get back all the money you paid to Logistics4You.

Even if the delay was due to causes not attributable to Logistics4You and beyond our direct control, such as accidents, traffic, etc.., the Zero Delays Guarantee does not change: your shipment will be offered by us, without hidden clauses written in small.

our vehicle fleet

Our Fleet of Express Vans

We pick the best vans according to your loading needs, up to 1.200 kg.

Inglese Van Box


"transport ambulance”
because our best skill is to solve their transport emergencies.

Before explaining how Logistics4You has become the European reference point for any urgent, delicate and no-delay delivery up to 1,200 kg, let me introduce myself.

My name is Cristian Fazi and I founded Logistics4You in 2010 after spending over 25 years aboard a truck, transporting goods all over Europe.

Today Logistics4You has become the European transport specialists:



We see you.

Risk of Penalties​

You might have an important and urgent cargo to be shipped and not even a minute late is acceptable because it means an expensive penalty to be paid.

Fierce Competition

You might need a trusted partner that allows you to guarantee the shipment on time to satisfy your customers, remain competitive and beat the competition.

Fragile Goods

You might have some fragile materials for which any additional handling can break or damage your goods, therefore, it will be useless and unsellable.


Challenges with traditional providers

Traditional couriers have many issues conflicting with your company needs:

Cargo cannot be scheduled

They collect your goods whenever they want: you must stop your men and machineries and wait for them.

High Risk of damages

They move your goods in different warehouses. Therefore the risk of damages increases exponentially.

Goods are not safe

They carry a lot of different goods from different clients in the same vehicle and it is another factor of damage.

Delivery is slow

They make intermediate stops and follow optimized routes to satisfy as many clients as possible. The delivery get slow.

Zero Assistance after 5:30pm

Their customer service closes at 5.30 pm, leaving you alone in case of any unexpected after-hours.

No Guarantee on Delivery Times

They make intermediate stops and do not provide any concrete guarantee related to delivery time.


turn every single shipment into
a competitive advantage for your company.

Why Logistics4You will solve your Express Delivery headaches:

Turn every shipment into a competitive advantage

Guarantee every single shipment will be collected in 3 hours

Travel 24/7 without any limitations,
7 days a week, includinding holidays

Reach the destination on time without risks for your goods

Entrust your transport to the dedicated, express shipping specialists: Logistics4You.

is this what you are looking for?

join over
1,400 European companies.

Join over 1,400 European companies excited to ship their load anywhere in Europe with Logistics4You




“We often need to deliver abroad within 24-48 hours.

Achieving this would be impossible without the express and dedicated shipments of Logistics4You.

They are the only partner we trust securely when we have an important delivery, knowing that we cannot afford mistakes.”





“The transport service and precision in deliveries are as important as the quality of the product.

For this reason we have chosen Logistics 4 You: a serious, competent and professional partner, which guarantees the traceability of the vehicles and a service without day or time limits.”




“I had to arrange an express delivery for a medical device to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Logistics4You found a vehicle for me in half an hour that I could track with GPS!

I also received real-time photos of the CMR signed by the customer. Congratulations! Very satisfied.”


we do not carry packages, envelopes and letters.

Logistics4You is NOT a traditional courier that moves cargo between various vehicles and from one warehouse to another before delivering it, just like we don’t transport packages, bags and letters.

Now it's all in your hands

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