Half of the people who buy online abandon their cart when shipping times are long

The market is increasingly rich in offers: you can only get the better of competitors if you give customers what they want, quickly.

Doing business in these tumultuous years means being ready to face the challenges that the market imposes.

Today, there are many difficulties that a company is forced to face:

  • unfair competition, which lowers prices beyond what is possible;
  • suppliers not up to the agreed objectives;
  • increasingly demanding consumers.

In such a context, it is easy to fail to live up to the customer’s expectations, “feeding” them to the competitor on duty who, instead, manages to respond to their needs, processing the order in less time.

This is a big change compared to the times when a maximum of two people could sell a product, and consumers had no choice but to submit to the rules of the proprietary companies.

“It was better when it was worse”, entrepreneurs who are not inclined towards competition would say

But who is to blame if today customers dictate the rules and move the needle in the markets, and no longer companies and individual products?

It’s all Amazon’s fault.

Ever since Jeff Bezos decided to make his business customer-centric, he has allowed consumers to purchase excellent or medium-level products at the right price, but above all he has provided them with the opportunity to receive them in the shortest time possible.

A day or less, very often.

A customer who wants to purchase a product will always choose the seller who delivers it in the shortest time and in the best way.

In essence, customers today choose those who offer the most guarantees.

Even the price takes a back seat if you manage to respect (or even exceed) the expectations that a customer has for a purchase (and not for the individual product).

The watershed between two eras of business, therefore, lies in the thought that every buyer has in common today: “If I order it now, how long will it take to get it?”.

There is little you can do, if you want to gain a competitive advantage over the competition, you cannot help but strengthen the supply chain to deliver your product as quickly as possible.

Only in this way can a company maximize profits, and many CEOs and Managers have already realized this.

An interesting statistic emerges from a recent survey by Attabotics (a company specializing in inventory management systems and automated storage and retrieval systems).

About 80% of business leaders who implemented the logistics plan by improving delivery times were able to achieve higher profits at the expense of lower costs.

Given this data, then, what stops an entrepreneur from making the production chain more efficient to give the consumer what they want?

Only the fear of change, because if 99% of retailers say they will improve the business to guarantee same-day delivery by 2025, the majority are still reluctant to move in that direction.

Maybe they don’t have the means to improve their company’s supply chain, maybe they don’t have the resources or they don’t trust those who provide shipping services.

It would be enough to know how to choose the right partner to completely change the business and obtain results beyond one’s expectations (and those of the customers).

In fact, from the moment you position yourself on the market with a good product, at a competitive price and guarantee fast and safe delivery, you no longer have to fear the competition.

Those looking for products or services with similar characteristics to yours will always put you at the top of their favorites list if you can guarantee shipping reliability.

But it is not easy to be able to meet deadlines (or even shorten them) with today’s suppliers.

That’s why you need a partner who can guarantee express deliveries.

In short, someone like Logistics4You, collects the product directly from your company after a maximum of 3 hours from when the shipment is commissioned and delivers within 24 hours throughout Europe.

Not a minute more, otherwise delivery is free.

Now that Logistics4You is here, who is most afraid of giving a decisive boost to the business, making deliveries of their products impeccable and super fast?

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