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Transport of furniture & Furnishing

For more than 30 years we have been carefully transporting the most prestigious furniture and design objects throughout Europe. We transport furniture by direct route from you to the final recipient, without intermediate stops. From your hands to those of your customer, to ensure maximum speed and care of your product

Why rely on Logitics4You for furniture transport


European Leader in Furniture and Design Transport

We are specialists in handling high-end furniture items. For more than 30 years we have been helping the best Italian brands of design and furniture to ship anywhere in Italy and Europe, in speed and safety.


Experts in handling fragile goods

Your products travel directly to your customer, without stops and intermediate transhipments, eliminating all risks of damage. Direct transport ensures greater efficiency, speed and safety.


Real-time Tracking and H24 Support

You can track your product in real time via GPS and you will receive the photos on delivery. In addition, we will update you constantly on the status of the shipment and we are at your disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Discover how we work

Delivery of goods is the image of your company. If it is poorly executed, it could seriously damage your image and your business. With over 1,500 Vans we can guarantee the pick up of your goods within 3 hours after confirmation and deliver it in 24H throughout Europe in total safety. Rely on Logistics4You for your furniture  transport!

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They’ve relied on us for years

The best companies that handle high value goods and expect faster and safer deliveries for their mobile transport.

Our board

Experts in Furniture and Design Transport, for more than 30 years

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Michela Fausti


I started with my father’s company that handled national, international transports and all the logistics of a large company of modular kitchens. I have personally experienced every phase of logistics, from the insertion of the order to the final customer, in an ever-increasing role of Problem Solving. The experience gained in this way meant that, in retirement my father, I passed from logistics to the world that had always fascinated me: the express transport.

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Operations DIRECTOR

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Anna Maria

Sales Director

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Traffic Operator

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Traffic Operator

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Traffic Operator

We handle furniture transport with dedicated urgent deliveries

Unlike standard international express couriers, our express vans are dedicated only to the transport of your furniture, adapting exclusively to your needs.

Attention to detail in service

The same care that you put in realizing your product, we put it in transporting furniture and furnishings.

A company to trust.

If we arrive even a minute late, the transport is free.


Ask for a free quote

You will have an answer in less than 30 minutes from your request.


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Logistics4You, with its fleet of more than 1,500 dedicated express vans, is the European specialist and leader in the field of urgent shipments up to 1,200 Kg. Thanks to its widespread presence throughout Europe, Logistics4You is able to load the goods within 3 hours from confirmation and it is able to guarantee a full refund in case of delay on the agreed transit time.

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