Express Deliveries in Europe 24/7
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We're specialized in Dedicated Express Deliveries

We pick up your goods in 3 hours and deliver in 24H. Even during holidays.

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Our dedicated Vans are Fast and Always on Time

Deliveries are direct, H24. We guarantee a full refund in case of delay.

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We guarantee you Safety and Reliability

Your goods travel as entrusted to us, without third-party handling, without risk of damage.

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Specific to your load, available in 3 hours, also transport in ADR      


No damages, no third party handling of goods, zero risks.    


Direct delivery, no downtime. Efficiency, speed, safety.


Deliveries 24/7, no address restrictions, refund in case of delay

Assistance 24/7

A trustworthy and reliable team, always available for you. Tracking code, assistance 24/7.

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30+ Years Expertise

Logistics4You helps companies and professionals to deliver goods - fast & safe - everywhere in Europe.   

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Welcome to Logistics4You, your trusted partner.

With more than 30 years experience, we are the European leaders in direct express deliveries. With our extensive network throughout Europe and more than 1,500 Vans, we pick up your goods within 3 hours from your confirmation. We choose the best vehicle for your goods and we guarantee the delivery within the agreed time frame. We keep you up to date on the progress of your shipment and we guarantee a full refund in case of delay. Our services range from handling the delivery of a single-package by air, to the express delivery of goods up to 1,200 kg.

1.500 Vans with low CO2 emissions
11.000 pallets moved every day
Urgent deliveries up to 1.200 kg also during holidays
+350% revenue in just 4 years